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About Meditation

“Meditation is useful for everyone regardless of nationality, language or religion.  It focuses on bringing peace and happiness to the person meditating, family, society, country, and humankind.”  Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo.


On the 10th June 2016, Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo, the founder, developer, and master teacher of the global Willpower Institute network names the meditation course as “Kojarasa-Samathi” which means meditation for tourists.  The goal is to offer foreign tourists from various countries visiting Thailand and Pattaya an opportunity to participate in meditation classes during their stay, conducted by our qualified instructors in English.

Although is not simple to run the English Meditation Course in Thailand, but with the clear goals and proven systematic way of teaching developed by Luangphor, meditators find it easy to follow the technique and thus yield the benefits.


People who have completed the course have shared their experiences and many say that they are much happier people, no longer controlled by overwhelming emotions which caused much suffering in their lives.  After learning meditation, they are more aware of how their minds work and are able to step back from situations that once triggered negative emotions such as anger.  Some people also report improved health as a result of meditation.  Others have become more creative and adept at problem solving in their home and work environments.


“Meditation is easy, anyone can do.  Just think of a word silently, you will begin to accumulate mindpower from that moment.”  Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo.

Key Benifits of Meditation

Great mental clarity and analytical skills

Peace of mind, contentment and happiness

Improved sleep, reduced stress and less anxiety

Higher levels of energy, creativity and spontaneity

Control over cravings and additive behaviour

Improved tolerance, understanding and relationships

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People's experience of Meditation

Meditation has been the starting point  for a better life for me, it has given me clarity, focus and patience. It's as if I have gained a conscious awareness, and have been able to stop living on auto-pilot. The lights have now been turned on and I'm appriciating the smaller things in life. Everything has finally slotted into place.

Aimee Beere.

I liked the Meditation Course because it taught me to be more aware of my emotions and helped me concentrate on the important things in life. 

Ralph Buchter.

Meditation have helped me to relieve depression, insomnia, anger and aggression, and can increase productivity, learning, happiness and inner peace. I already have felt like my mental clarity is better than ever.

Jonny Kleppe.

When I start to meditation, my mind is so much more clear. I feel present, handing problems is much easier. My body is rest from deep sleep. The meditation give many benefits for my life.

Peeraya Pumcharoen.



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