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The WILLPOWER INSTITUTE (Thailand) is pleased to offer a new Meditation Course designed specifically to meet the needs of tourists who travel each year to amazing Thailand.

The Willpower Institute was established over 25 years ago by eminent Master Teacher Phra Dhammongkolyarn (Luang Phor Viriyang Sirintharo) who has many, many years of meditation experience plus extensive knowledge about the potential power of the mind. His Meditation Courses, ranging from a 6 month intensive course to one day events, have been offered across Thailand, Canada and the United States where thousands of people have benefitted from his teachings. In Pattaya, over 3,000 people have graduated from Courses made available by the Willpower Institute.

MEDITATION FOR TOURISTS is intended to enhance your vacation experience while in Thailand. Holidays are meant to be fun, exciting and an opportunity to unwind from the stresses of daily life. Why not, then, give the mind a rest, as well as the body. Science has proven that the practice of Meditation can result in a tranquil, more focused, stress free mind.

The MEDITATION FOR TOURISTS classes will be held at the lovely, Diana Garden Resort in North Pattaya. Classes will be conducted in English by qualified instructors. Delicious lunch of your choice and snacks will be provided each day of the Course.

Several options for Meditation for Tourists are available for your convenience and interest:

One Day Course- This Course will provide the participant with an overview of the meditation method taught at Willpower Institute, plus some background regarding the history and development of the Course. It will also answer the question "Why meditate?", " Benefits of Meditation". There will be some discussion about how meditation improves your work efficiency and decision making. Interspersed throughout the day will be periods of meditation.

Three Day Course- This Course will expand on the information provided in the One Day Course. Topics will include answers to questions such as: "Why Meditate?" "What are the benefits of Meditation?" "How do I find time to meditate?" as well as a deeper study into different levels of "Meditative Mind and Contemplative Mind". There will be some discussion about "Resistant Factors" to meditation and how to overcome them. Included meditation sessions throughout the course.

Five Day Course- This Course will be a little more intensive than the One or Three day classes. Students will learn the basics of meditation as well as more detailed information about the different levels of concentration and how to continue to build and maintain mind power. There will be additional sessions of meditation practice.


"Meditation is a treasure hunt of the mind"


         Luang Phor Viriyang Sirintharo


Tel: +66 (0) 97 003 0330


The Meditationpattaya​

209/122  M6, North Pattaya Road.

Banglamung, Chonburi 

20150  Thailand.


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